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Juste 3D (DongGuan)technology Co., Ltd.

Juste 3D (DongGuan)technology Co Ltd is Dongguan Hing Mau Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. (Hing Mau Technology), a subsidiary of Xing Mao Technology Group in January 2016 set up a Xing Taida team, In the shoe 3D printing and R & D, and "functional shoe materials and three-dimensional molding technology development and flexible production" in October 2016...

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Four advantages
Senior R & D team

Senior R & D team

By the senior industry elite R & D team,
after Experience rich, innovative ability,
and hired a knowledge University pro-
fessor of experts, Dr. served as the
company Technical adviser!

patented technology

Patented technology

Kyrgyzstan rely on Xingmao technology parent company for many years shoe industry experience, and improve the shoe material testing equipment in the shoe 3D printing project has made a number of patent results.

International standards

International standards

All products meet different national safety standards and passed the relevant certification, including ROHSFDA, EN-71, REACH and other standards and in line with phthalates, phenol and so on.

Perfect after-sale

Perfect after-sale

Has a perfect after-sales service system, professional and technical service team, spare no effort to provide customers with technical support to solve customer's technical problems.



  • At the end of September 2014, NASA expects to complete the first imaging telescope, all of which are basically manufactured using 3D printing technology. NASA was therefore the first to try to manufacture the entire instrument using 3D printing technology....

  • Material restrictions Although high-end industrial printing can achieve plastic, some metal or ceramic printing, but can not be printed material is more expensive and scarce. In addition, the printer has not reached the level of maturity, can not support the daily life...

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) rapid prototyping process is a kind of do not rely on the laser as a forming energy source, and all kinds of wire (such as engineering plastics ABS, polycarbonate PC, etc.) heat melting and accumulation molding method, referred to as FDM...


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