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Juste 3D (DongGuan)technology Co Ltd

Juste 3D (DongGuan)technology Co Ltd is Dongguan Hing Mau Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. (Hing Mau Technology), a subsidiary of Xing Mao Technology Group in January 2016 set up a Xing Taida team, In the shoe 3D printing and R & D, and "functional shoe materials and three-dimensional molding technology development and flexible production" in October 2016 to participate in the "2016 Dongguan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", and in November won the contest "two Award. " After 6 months of preparation, the company incorporated Gist 3D Technology.

Juste 3D (DongGuan)technology Co Ltd, relying on Xingmao technology parent company for many years experience in the shoe industry, and improve the shoe material testing equipment, specializing in shoe materials 3D printing materials, molding and post-processing research and development. The company hired Professor Bai, Southern University of Science and Technology, Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic University Dr. Yuan as the company's technology consultant.

The company is located in the world factory in Dongguan City, has a complete industrial chain facilities, in time for customers with high quality and efficient services and products.