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TPE Transparent Elastomer
Gist transparent TPE elastomer is a developed specifically for high-end sports brand transparent elastomer (54C), the elastomer is extremely transparent, with high transparency at the same time, with high tensile and tear strength, to solve Industry TPE test results of the shortcomings of the ozone resistance, as a midsole material, compression and deformation control in 30% or less. Material is very strong resistance to bending performance, in the shoe bending test machine 100,000 bending resistance will not appear creases and cracks.
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物性检测报告Inspection Report
料号P/N SM-084-54C 来料单号Incoming single No. 0000158 检测日期date 17.9.26
序号/NO 测试项目Item 测试标准/规格Standard 测试结果result 判定
1 拉力测试Tensile Strength ≧3.0 3.73MPa OK
2 撕裂测试Tear Strength ≧3.0 3.51N/mm OK
3 干老化测试Dry aging tes 无龟裂、断裂、腐烂、焦灼、熔融现象No cracks, fractures, decay, anxiety, melting 无异常Normal OK
4 湿老化测试Wet Aging Test 无龟裂、断裂、腐烂、焦灼、熔融现象No cracks, fractures, decay, anxiety, melting 无异常Normal OK
5 硬度测试Hardness 54±3 52C OK
6 反弹测试Rebound ≧55 70% OK
7 压缩变形Compression ≦30 28.87% OK
8 密度Specific Gravity < 1 0.9189g/cm3 OK
9 出油测试Oil Separate 表面无出油No oil separete surface 否/No OK
10 耐光色牢度Light Fastness ≧3-4 ≧3-4 OK